Krill Oil Softgels 1200 mg, 3 Pack

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Kori Krill Oil Standard 1200 mg softgels are the most convenient – just take 1 per day.

  • Kori® Krill Oil is the Omega-3 superfood with more nutrients in their most natural form for your best whole-body health.
  • Supports immune, heart, brain, joint, eye, and skin health*
  • Krill Oil has superior Omega-3 absorption vs fish oil because it delivers Omega-3s in their most natural phospholipid form, just as you would find in a healthy fish diet.**
  • No fishy aftertaste because phospholipids help Kori digest more easily
  • More than just your typical Omega-3s, Kori Krill Oil is naturally a good source of the essential nutrient choline, which supports brain and nervous system health*, and it has astaxanthin, an antioxidant that naturally gives Kori its red color
  • Krill oil is clinically proven to raise our Omega-3 index and is a doctor recommended Omega-3 source
  • Kori is made with naturally non-GMO krill oil and there are no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Many fish oils require added preservatives.
  • The operations behind Kori Krill Oil have earned the highest sustainability credentials, better than most Omega-3 sources.
  • A daily serving has 250 mg Omega-3 EPA & DHA, the same as you would get on average by consuming the USDA recommended 2 servings of fish per week.
  • **When taken at the same Omega-3 EPA & DHA levels as fish oil.