NEW! Mind & Body Omega-3, 3 Pack

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  • UNIQUE NOOTROPIC MIND & BODY SUPPORT: A mind & body powerhouse combination of nutrients for memory & attention, nervous system support, healthy energy, and overall health benefits for the brain, heart, joint, eyes, skin & immune system
  • MOST NATURAL OMEGA-3 FORM: Kori Krill Oil delivers Omega-3s in their most natural phospholipid and triglyceride form, just like you would get in a healthy fish diet; Phospholipids provide the essential Omega-3 building blocks for our brain health and more, with SUPERIOR ABSORPTION VS FISH OIL and NO FISHY AFTERTASTE (because our bodies digest it better!); Surprisingly, the phospholipid form is missing in fish oil and most vegetarian Omega-3 sources
  • COMPLEMENTARY BRAIN NOURISHING NUTRIENTS: Kori Krill Oil’s Omega-3 nutrients pair well with three other superfood and super-spice nutrients for that extra brain support we need: plant antioxidants, B12 and Turmeric Curcumin; These nutrients nourish our brain by supporting healthy brain structure and function and aiding the healthy production of nerve cells and energy
  • CLINICALLY TESTED: With clinically tested ingredients shown to raise Omega-3 levels and support memory & attention
  • HIGH QUALITY STANDARDS: Kori Mind & Body is third party quality tested and made with non-gmo krill oil, plant antioxidants and turmeric curcumin; there are no artificial flavors or synthetic colors; Kori is made with certified sustainably sourced pure Antarctic krill oil, earning the highest sustainability credentials better than other omega sources